Expertise and documentation of the work of Humberto Jaimes Sánchez available to the collector.

Preparation of the catalog raisonné of paintings, drawings, prints and other works created by Humberto Sanchez Jaimes.

Collaboration with academics, researchers, museums, universities and other institutions interested in receiving information about the life and work of Humberto Jaimes Sánchez.

Maintenance and development of the Jaimes Sánchez Archive.

Development of a public forum designed to offer lectures and seminars on the art of Humberto Jaimes Sánchez.

Implementation of an internship program.


Ángulo urbano, 2002. Private collection, HJS 0098

Catalogue raisonné



The catalogue raisonné, whose publication is planned for 2018, will record all documented information related to the work of Humberto Sanchez Jaimes.

The publication will include the title of the work, the date, the technique and the dimensions, as well as the provenance and the record of exhibitions and mentions in publications.

Each artwork will be documented by color images whenever possible.

In addition, the catalog will include an updated chronology, bibliography and exhibit history.

For this project we are collecting all the information about the work of Humberto Jaimes Sánchez. Those collectors who own works of the artist please use the contact form.






The Humberto Jaimes Sánchez Foundation supports academic exchange and the promotion of an international network to support research.

The Foundation has an important documentary fund linked to the work of Humberto Jaimes Sánchez gathered and organized by the artist and his family, with the support of archivology specialists.

These documentary collections include letters, notes, reflections, catalogs, photographs and books.






There are currently no internships available.



The Fundación Humberto Jaimes Sánchez is a non-profit organization, led by the heirs of the artist.


Diablos en huelga, circa 1957. Private collection

Pardo, Humberto Jaimes Sánchez, José Luis Cuevas, Manuel Rendón, [Ricardo, Enrique]  Grau and Silva. Washington, 1958

Heading to landscape class. In the background: Humberto Jaimes Sánchez and Ángel Hurtado. Caracas, 1947. Archive Angel Hurtado